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2017.07.29Size 8

Laurel wants to stop kicking butt and taking names.

She bought a new pair of shorts a couple of days ago, because her other shorts, which she bought not too long ago, are getting baggy.

She's now in size 8.

She spoke with her doctor and said that she's afraid she's too thin now. She's trying to combat it by snacking constantly through the afternoons. She still can't fit a lot of food in her tummy -- she pays a pretty stiff price when she overeats -- but I think it's fair to say we're doing some things at home to slow down her weight loss: I'm trying to get her into pastas and richer foods more often, and she's exercising with me to try to build muscle.

I've noted the possibility that the exercise might be limiting her ability to gain because she's burning more calories. But I could also easily make the argument that the exercise should be building muscle mass, which should appear to slow her decline. (I make both statements as a layman, with no specialized skill or knowledge with respect to the subject.)

I haven't tracked either of our weights in a while, but I can say that Laurel hit her goal, then went another 10 pounds past that to give a little "buffer" at her physician's request. I believe she's about 10 pounds past that now.

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