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Browser standard: term refers to the originator and version of your Web browser. Some older versions of browsers do not recognize technologies currently in use today; other current browsers have not been tested, or have been tested but will not be supported.

Browser size: term refers to the dimensions, in pixels, of the browser window. The display of toolbars in the browser can affect the height within the window where content is displayed. If your computer's screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768, then the site should display reasonably well in a browser maximized to "full-screen."

JavaScript: JavaScript is a scripting language commonly used in Internet applications to create functionality at the browser. Many legitimate Web sites use JavaScript to perform fundamental functions such as input validation. uses JavaScript to create certain effects, such as the changing text and image effects which occur when your mouse moves over the main navigation menu in the upper right corner of the browser window. Many modern browsers offer the capability to disable the use of JavaScript, but ship with JavaScript enabled by default. Your browser is not capable of rendering JavaScript.

high-contrast CSS A high-contrast CSS is available for sighted people with visual impairment. Turn the high-contrast style on.