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2018.12.04on geek stuff: A Few Words on Test-Driven and Behavior-Driven Development
Mind Blown

car talk: It's That Time AgainImage of a 2019 Jaguar E-PACE. Image Credit: Jaguar Land Rover
Car Shopping

2018.11.30on the nation: Big Week for the Mueller InvestigationFBI Special Council Robert S. Mueller III, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort
Liar Liar Pants on Fire


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2017.12.15on geek stuff: A Few Thoughts on STAR WARS: The Last Jedi

2017.12.14on geek stuff: STAR WARS TONIGHT

2017.12.13system maintenance: Yes, I miss the smashable Christmas lights too! They just won't work anymore. I've narrowed down the probable causes to a requirement for Flash or some other deprecated resource, or a bad bulb. The new lights are powered by pure CSS. I know they're not as fun as the old ones, but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway!

2017.12.11on family life: Soldiering On at Christmas

2017.12.09on family life: Season of Giving

2014.12.13on kids: A Public Service Announcement

2014.12.10on a HOG: 2015 State HOG Rally: Artwork Approved!

2013.12.12on kids: Guess We Have a New Phrase

on cars: Switched Cars

on a hog: Riding Season is Over

on music: Recent Music Purchases

2013.12.11on art: "Shadows on the Grass" by Lois Van Liew

2013.12.09on K2 blackpearl development: K2 Workspace Working Hours Configuration

on K2 blackpearl development: Create a Word Template for Use in Workflow

2012.12.15system maintenance: I've wanted to do this one for a while: title tags display the first sentence of the content of each post in the Latest News section. Just mouse-over for a sneak peek at each post (maintenance posts and special events excluded.)

2012.12.14system maintenance: Hooray for vacation! I've gotten a bunch of things tightened up around the site -- some format tweaks, some Chrome friendliness, a few fixes (including that annoying "Pictured at Left" text on the main Interests page! Sorry about that!!) plus the how-to on XSLT for the RSS feed is published!

2012.12.13system maintenance: Maintenance on the RSS Web Form is completed. It's my XSLT "Hello World!" I'll have to add a how-to on this.

2012.12.12system maintenance: Are you down with XSLT? Yeah, you know me!: Finally getting around to dabbling in XSLT to pretty up the RSS feed. Stay tuned!

2012.12.11on kids: Fibbing to Mommy (It's Our Little Secret)

2012.12.10on kids: "Oh, THAT F-Word!"

on tech: Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity (UPDATED)

2011.12.13on kids: Have a Great Day to You, Too!

2011.12.10system maintenance: Contact form is back up. (I'd never seen a "not implemented" exception before!) Sorry, everybody!

2009.12.12system maintenance: I've reworked the how-to web form to restore its usability. The new version offers content groups comprised of topics and site features. Associated topics are available with the click of a linkbutton.

2009.12.11system maintenance: "XML Bombing? What's that? How can I protect my application?" Read this..

2007.12.12on music: Wowwity wow wow wow. Check out Led Zeppelin's Mothership. It's 28 tracks of...

on tech: Some Firefox tips from good folks at PC World Magazine: ...

pictured at left:  Autumn leaves