2017.08.07How to Repeat the Current Song in iOS 10

I could swear this used to be easy.

I've found a song that I want playing over and over and over again while I work. It's beautiful, melodious, and would be perfect background noise while I do my nerd thing. But I couldn't find where to set the repeat or shuffle command ANYPLACE within the music app on my iPhone. Every time I'd look at the song's "context menu," I saw options to add to a playlist, play next, play later, and sharing and liking options, but nothing for simply triggering a repeat or shuffle.

Well, turns out I couldn't find it because it's not in the music app at all. To get to these options, you have to use the little control menu that has options for airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth and so on at the bottom of your screen. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the menu.

The first form has the options I mentioned earlier across the top, and access to the flashlight, timer, calculator and camera across the bottom. Swipe left to access the second form, which is dedicated to music player controls.

This second form shows the album cover art at left, with text at right, starting with the name of the current track. Tap on the track name to bring up info about the track in a full-length form.

Now scroll up on that form to reveal the shuffle and repeat buttons.

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