2012.08.06SWK: Hope You Like Playing Forever!

In the interest of diet and exercise, my wife and I started playing SWK.

We're both quite surprised that there doesn't appear to be a way to save your progress and stop. It's not clear, apart from when you complete a scenario, that the game saves, so about the best you can hope for is to walk away from the console. That appears sufficient to pause the game (specifically, once the sensor can't read your body anymore), but we've kept the console running for the past couple of days for fear we'd have to do everything all over again.

Additionally, we have trouble getting Kinect to remember who we are. Often the sensor forgets, and we find we have to pause the game and sign in again for the system to associate the body to the ID.

Given these glitches, I wonder if the technology is immature, and we've once again been cut by the bleeding edge.

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