2009.09.11Wolfenstein "post-mortem"

The latest in the Wolfenstein franchise was a fun play. I've already mentioned how smooth I found the gameplay; Wolfenstein ran quite well on my older box, though at times the sound was a little "poppy" through my SoundBlaster X-Fi card. The game itself explores the Nazi penchant for the occult, which made for some interesting fighting scenarios -- a little twist on the usual kill-kill-kill. As a casual player, I had a little trouble keeping straight what number key was assigned to which power. The "normal" mode was helpful for the novice player, I think -- I was given cues to what to do, when to reload and so forth. I probably didn't need it to be quite so helpful, but it wasn't annoying. Despite the "powers" given to good ol' B.J. Blazkowicz, I favored the Kar-98 -- particularly with a scope and a larger bore. And now that I've played it through once, the game unlocked a cheats menu I can use at will in the future -- sounds like the makings for some good ol' frivolous virtual take-your-aggressions-out-on-the-bad-guys play. You may find the game available here ( link to ).

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