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2017.04.21FINAL Measurements

Laurel is still kicking butt and taking names. She slowed her weight loss over the past couple of months for fear she'd sail past her goal weight of 175. She's down to 174, and has dropped over 13 inches from her waist and hips. More deets:

Oct. 17Nov. 17Dec. 17Jan. 17Feb. 26Apr. 21Total Difference

Weight255.6 lbs.228.0 lbs.214.0 lbs.200.0 lbs.186.0 lbs.174.0 lbs.- 81.6 lbs.
Neck16"15"14¾"14¼"14¼"13¾"- 2¼"
Shoulders19"17"16"15½"15½"15½"- 3½"
Upper Arm15"14"13¼"12¼"12"11¾"- 3¼"
Chest (above the bust)46¼"43"42"40¾"39¼"38"- 7½"
Chest (below the bust)45¾"42½"40¼"39¼"38¾"35½"- 10½"
Natural waist47"41"38¾"36¾"34½"33½"- 13½"
Hips53¾"47½"46½"44¼"43¼"40½"- 13¼"
Thigh28½"25½"24½"23½"21¼"21"- 7½"

What an INCREDIBLE transformation!!

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