K2 blackpearl development

I am chiefly a K2 blackpearl Workflow technologies developer, certified in K2 blackpearl Core, K2 SmartForms, and K2 blackpearl Extensions technologies.

See project history details and my interactive resume for more about how I've used K2 blackpearl.

I maintain a blog called START RULEwhich serves as a resource for others working in K2 blackpearl technologies. Recent posts are listed below:

Create an ORM Database for your K2 SmartForms Objects

I think it’s fair to say that most of us in this industry at least started out taking over someone else’s project. The original developer left long before you got there, leaving you to figure out what’s what. Some of us are still in that position, or find ourselves back in that position at some […]

Error: K2 SmartForms Content on SharePoint Page Cannot be Displayed

One of my client’s users came to me with an unusual situation — he could reach the SharePoint pages that host the SmartForms application, but none of the SmartForms would appear. Instead, this MacBook user saw messages that read, “The webpage at {URL} might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a […]

Stop Rule Execution Actions Help Prevent Cross-Browser Errors

Yesterday my client presented a problem he was experiencing in Chrome that I could not reproduce in IE 11. The issue, as it turned out, had to do with how SmartForms rules are executed through different browsers. Given a SmartForm rule that is comprised of three “blocks” of conditions and actions on a subview: This […]

Pay Attention to Tooltips in the K2 SmartForms Designer

At some point, you might find yourself getting confused by fields with similar names or identical names from disparate sources. It happens. And because it happens, the K2 SmartForms Designer has a built-in way for you to keep things straight: tooltips. Depending on which browser you use, you may have to actually enable tooltips/image alt-text/HTML […]

Use SmartForm Rules to Detect a File Attachment

In K2 SmartForms 4.6.11, there are no rule conditions specific to File Attachment Control events. — But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to detect those events. I have a list view that now uses the Excel Export control. The exporter queries your data source and packages the records inside of a Microsoft Excel® […]

Implement the Excel Export Control on a SmartForms List View

My client was looking for a way to export a list produced by a reporting engine to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet file (.xlsx). Other applications in the company have made use of an Excel Export control, so I thought I’d better figure the thing out. As far as clues on how to configure the control, […]

Microsoft Ending IE10 Support in 2020

According to a Computerworld article published 1/31/2019, Microsoft has opted to end support for Internet Explorer version 10 (IE10) next January. Microsoft had originally expected to support the browser until the sundown of Windows Server 2012, scheduled for October 10, 2023, but it is now ending IE10 support over three and a half years earlier […]

Error: “There is no such object on the server”

This was a really weird one. A client’s application suddenly suffered from this error in all environments simultaneously. The root cause had nothing at all to do with K2 blackpearl, but it affected the service keys of the instance of a service, which brought down the service and caused the exception. Symptoms Error prompt reading […]

Build a Reporting Engine Using K2 SmartForms: The Interface

This post is the sixth and final installment in the Build a Reporting Engine Using K2 SmartForms series. In previous posts, I talked about some aspects of the T-SQL used to support the engine, and touched time and again on how the actual job of the interface is to build a SQL WHERE clause to […]

Prepare to Upgrade Your K2 SmartForms Applications

My client has an older version of K2 blackpearl/K2 SmartForms, and is preparing to upgrade to the latest minor upgrade in version 4. Here are my tips for upgrade prep. I strongly recommend you go through each of your SmartForms applications to do the following: delete disabled rules. These are named groups of event-driven conditions […]

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