2012.04.20Tigers Lose to Rangers in Opener of 2011 ALCS Re-Match

I liked Jim Leland's comment: "We've got a good team[.] We're playing good. We just got the crap beat out of us." The Tigers are now 9-4 on the season.

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2012.04.20Red Wings Face Off Against Predators in Game Five Tonight

The Detroit Red Wings are down three games to one to the Nashville Predators in the round one playoff series. Either they win tonight or they golf tomorrow.

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2012.04.20Spartans' D'Antonio Serves Up Some Smack Talk

Coach D'Antonio of the Michigan State Spartans gave a pointed response to a recent question posed by's Brian Bennett about the probability of a U of M resurgence as a Big Ten football powerhouse. "We're laying in the weeds. We've beat Michigan the last four years. So where's the threat?"

My take: I think MSU fans are too used to focusing on the U of M. I'd bet many would be satisfied with State's football season as long as the Sparty hands the Wolverines a loss. Perhaps we Spartans became that way over the years precisely because Michigan historically is a football powerhouse. They're still a damn good program in the Big Ten. If I had to guess, I'd say that Coach D is probably pretty tired of being asked about the Wolverines. He's been building a Hell of a program in East Lansing, and not just for the inter-state rivalry. It's high time for Spartans to set our sights higher than what's happening down I-94. Michigan State has been playing national-quality football and should begin thinking more about competing with the PAC-10 and the SEC, and less about the maize and blue.

" Mark Dantonio tells ESPN: 'We've beat Michigan the last four years. So where's the threat?'" (MLive)

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