2013.08.05Harley-Davidson and Miller Beer in the House!

I mean, MY house.

I've been sitting on this story for quite some time. Honestly, I began to believe it was a hoax.

Some time back in June, I was playing around on the Harley-Davidson website and saw an invitation to share with H-D my story of an "epic ride."

So mine went like this:

Last fall my wife and I pondered an activity we could learn and do together for 2013. We decided we'd learn to ride motorcycles. We took Riders Edge training in March and bought a Softail from {local Harley dealership} and joined the local HOG chapter -- and couldn't be happier. I try to ride every day; we have been riding progressively busier streets. For us, the epic ride isn't a single ride; it is the journey, enriched by new friends and new experiences -- a journey made sweeter ON A HARLEY.
Kinda touching, sorta meh, but the reader gets the point -- we're new riders and we wanted to do this together and we feel richer for the experience.

Fast-forward to early July:

Hello {you},

My name is {me} and I wanted to let you know we read your EPIC RIDE submission on the site and loved it.

Not sure if you know, but we have partnered with Miller High Life this year as we both celebrate our 110th anniversaries and they too saw your submission and thought it really encapsulated the beer’s essence of celebrating everyday occasions.
Why, no. No I didn't!
So we were wondering if you would be interested in having a Harley-Davidson employee (A.K.A. possibly an executive) drop by to deliver some Miller High Life/Harley-Davidson commemorative cans for you and your legal drinking age friends to enjoy?
Let us know if you would be interested in the beer.... we’d be happy to give you a call to discuss further.

If you want to verify or call me, I can be reached at Corporate headquarters at {phone number}.

Hope to hear from you soon,

So of COURSE I checked out the phone number -- yep, that's a Milwaukee area code alright. Dialed it. Yep, that's Harley-Davidson alright. Dialed zero, got an operator, who put me in touch with, eh, {me}. Yep, he's a Harley corporate guy alright. I left him a voicemail with my telephone number.

We've been in touch a few times since then. The plan is for the man who contacted me and his counterpart from Miller to ride down from Milwaukee and meet us at my place tomorrow afternoon. We'll sign some waivers, take some photos, tell some stories. I invited them to stay for dinner.

Stay tuned -- hopefully I'll have some pics to post tomorrow!

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