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2014.03.10Bad Guy, Huh?

We are completely blessed to live where we do, among the people we do.

Last night became a celebration of the coming of spring -- a bunch of us gathered on a neighbor's porch while the kids all played together. It the awesome gift of the time change -- darker in the mornings again but we've got daylight later.

The kids' favorite game together has got to be "Ghosts in the Graveyard". Basically it's a team-based Hide and Seek, except it's done at night.

One of our neighbors sent Laurel a text a short while ago, describing a point in the evening in which her daughter was banging on the shed of the house next door, which is home to a ten year-old boy.

The text explained that the ten year-old and kiddo were locked in the shed, and that she was trying to get them out.


We asked kiddo about it this morning -- her side of the story: "Lee" locked them both in there and said they were the "bad guys."

Now you have to know that this makes me all kinds of curious. Particularly that he chose to describe himself as a "bad guy."

New rule: No going into any place with a boy. Girls are fine -- boys, not okay.

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