2012.03.15Hard to be a "foodie" on Atkins

In January I started the Atkins diet. I'm pleased to report I've lost over twenty pounds on the diet so far. My original goal was 30, but I'm considering going for 40.

This has, of course, put a major dent in my dining enjoyment. Believe me, a world without rice, beans, fruit and bread is not a happy world; it's pretty much beef, chicken and broccoli. My forkly activity has dropped quite a bit, too -- now when I use the app, I review things from an Atkins-friendly perspective.

The Burger Stand has been wonderful about it. When I ask for the "Smoke" without a bun, I'm immediately asked if the request is related to celiac disease. Though that's thankfully not the case, I greatly appreciate their sensitivity. They happily serve the burger over greens. And I have to say -- eating a burger this way is helpful even when not observing the Atkins lifestyle because it forces you to use a fork and knife -- slowing your pace.

I've been spending a TON of time at Buffalo Wild Wings lately -- and have downed more Parmesan garlic (traditional) wings than I can count, although whatever that number is, it's evenly divisible by twelve. I mostly prefer the Parmesan garlic wings because it reminds me of Alfredo sauce -- and this is about as close to pasta as I'm going to get for a while!

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