2010.03.17Welcome to cycling!

Years ago I was a cycling FIEND. I've never done a century or anything like that, but I came close when I did an MS-150. I put cycling away for about ten years while I was married. But now is the time to rediscover joy on two wheels, and thought I'd share the experience. I currently own three bicycles: a 1988 or '89 Bianchi Campione de Italia, a 1990 Cannondale SR-400 (both road bikes), and a GT mountain bike I bought probably around 1999. The GT actually saw some trail action for a while near a local lake -- and I'm much more into road riding. Now that we're in spring's "pre-dawn," I decided to have the Bianchi spruced up into riding condition. I can't WAIT for the work to be done. I was lucky enough to find a technician at a local shop who has a soft spot for restoring "vintage" (yes, it bugs me) steel-framed bikes. Until that's ready, I've got the GT out. In fact, I took it for a spin -- my first of the year -- this evening!

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