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2018.09.25special event: We've Moved to Texas!

2018.09.23on family life: On the Texas Life
Big Enough for it's own Web Form

2018.09.22on texas life: UPDATE: Rain, Rain, GO AWAY
But thank you. But STAHP

2018.09.18on geek stuff: Upgrading My iPhone X to iOS 12The Apple iOS 12 logo. Copyright Apple, Inc.
Easy Peazy

on texas life: Modern Conveniences
Nightmare Fuel


this week in halfgk history for 9/23 - 9/29

2016.09.26on health: Yeah, I'm into fitness...

2015.09.29on kids: Reaching for the Stars

2015.09.28on kids: P-I-S-T

on kids: Egg Nog Soup

on kids: New Recorder

2015.09.24on kids: 'Cause it's Her OCD, Baby

2013.09.25on gaming: Diablo III, Skyrim

2012.09.25on cycling: WANT

2012.09.24on tech: iOS6: New Features, New Apps, New Threats

on music: SiriusXM for the WHAS

2009.09.29on music: Luce and Peter Gabriel

system maintenance: Rats. I should have taken a closer look at the content. Yes, two years ago today I published some content... for a section I no longer maintain. :-( Might be a couple of weeks before the site can flex those muscles. My apologies, all!

2009.09.27system maintenance: halfgk.com celebrated its THIRD birthday in August! And I totally missed it!! Because birthdays should always be celebrated, I'm rolling out a new feature on the Welcome form called "Today in halfgk History." This new section will appear beneath the "latest news" and will link to content which originated n-years ago on that day. Although I tested the new feature using fabricated content, a "natural" anniversary is due to occur on Tuesday, Sep 29th. So be sure to tune in then!

pictured at left:  Reunion Tower in Dallas. Photo Credit: ottergoose.net