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2019.01.13on books: Next Read: Proof of Collusion by Seth AbramsonThe front cover of the book Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America by Seth Abramson, published by Simon & Schuster.

2019.01.11on whiskey: Angels' Envy Finished Rye WhiskeyImage of a bottle of Angels
maple syrup + fire - syrup
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2019.01.10on the nation: Checkmate? [UPDATED]President Trump
Redaction slip-up in Manafort case
causes Trump collusion stir

2019.01.04on the nation: Hostage CrisisImage of a dumpster fire.
800,000 out of work


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2018.01.16system maintenance: The interactive resume is fully restored.

2018.01.13on the nation: Favorite Headlines

2017.01.19on the nation: The Curious Case of PVT Manning (UPDATED)

2017.01.18on laurel's fitness journey: WELCOME TO "ONE-DERLAND"!

on laurel's fitness journey: Latest Measurements

on fitness: Mixed Reviews, I guess

2017.01.17on laurel's fitness journey: Peering into "One-derland"

system maintenance: Added a new category to my health graph. Now tracking exercise!

2017.01.15on the nation: On DNC Corruption, Russian Hacking, and the Response from the Obama Administration

2017.01.14on family: Papa's Got a Brand New... Place

2017.01.13on the nation: On the Senate "Vote-a-rama"

2013.01.15on a hog: Wait... What?

on a hog: Gordon Calder's Engine Gallery

on a hog: Gordon Calder's Engine Gallery

2013.01.14system maintenance: I think I'm going to change the format of the how-to articles. I've kept them as simple text files for a long time -- but I think I'm going to republish them in some form of markup to give them greater exposure to the web. Stay tuned for more!

2013.01.13system maintenance: Ahh, the magic of inheritance. I finally went through all of the Interests web forms and pushed most of the code behind up to a new superclass that derives from Page; I've probably reduced the amount of code on each web form to about 20% of its former size.

2012.01.19on kids: Ahh, Memories

2011.01.17on music: Music I'd forgotten about!

2008.01.13on books: This one's pure fun. Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs. Friend o...

2007.01.17on music: A return to campus has inspired some different musical directions... most n...

pictured at left:  Reunion Tower in Dallas. Photo Credit: ottergoose.net