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2019.03.04on gaming: Destiny 2: Forsaken -- Is Bungie Pushing Away the Casual Player?
What the Hell, BUNGIE?


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2018.03.21on music: My "80's Tunes" Playlist

system maintenance: Making good on my XPath explanation: Last July I added a software grid to my professional section. The grid includes some XPath wizardry that I promised to write up a how-to on. Without further ado, I present Using XPath with a Datagrid!

2018.03.19on what's playing: Red Sparrow

system maintenance: Annual special events are FINALLY HERE! For a long time I've been wanting to split the special events subsystem into two components: one for events that repeat annually (4th of July, Christmas) and one for other events and their series, like sports teams schedules. I'm proud to say I've got the prototype up and running!

2018.03.18on geek stuff: I'm bored

system maintenance: I didn't stay bored for too long. I've a new class for the ticker which includes a routine for changing the ticker decorations (the stars on either end of each bit of text). The notion started with a hack I put in place for the St. Patrick's Day holiday. I thought I might formalize it to add a little holiday fun through the year.

2017.03.23on family: Dissed Me Off!

2015.03.18on tech: Lenovo's Out; Dell is In

2014.03.23on kids: Older Ladies Got the Sweet Rides

2014.03.22on kids: Didn't Know That Was a 'Thing'

2014.03.21on kids: Denathanization

2014.03.18on fitness: Lower Body Workout is No Joke

2014.03.17on a hog: HAPPY HARLEVERSARY!

on cars: I Nerd Like That

2013.03.22on fitness: We've Already Hit Our Goal

2013.03.21on fitness: Makin' Moves and fitbit

2013.03.20on a hog: Riders Edge: DONE

2013.03.19on fitness: Weight Loss Challenge, Weeks 3 & 4

2013.03.17on a hog: The Golden Ticket

2012.03.22on gaming: Neverwinter Nights 2 is $.99 in the Mac Store

2012.03.21on fitness: Atkins, Week 11

2012.03.19on cooking: Jenn's Low-Carb Lasagne

2010.03.23on music: Alice in Chains' "Black Gives Way to Blue"

2010.03.19on cycling: Very short ride tonight

2010.03.18on cycling: Too windy to ride

2010.03.17on cycling: Welcome to cycling!

2008.03.22on music: Coming soon: A rare digital copy of Buggles' Adventures in Modern Recording...

2008.03.21on tech: I've crabbed about RealPlayer for YEARS. Ever since I was forced to use it ...

on tech: No developer in his or her right mind is a fan of a Web browser that is not...

on music: A few new acquisitions to report: The Talking Heads' Little Creatures, Bugg...

on gaming: I recently bought a digital copy of The Talking Heads' Little Creatures. "T...

on books: Finished Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party ...

2007.03.21on tech: Mozilla released Firefox

on tech: Wanted to follow-up about SyncPST. - the data syncronization tool for Micro...

pictured at left:  BIG TEX at the Texas State Fair. Image Credit: albertoadan/Pixabay