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Symbols of an open book (open book) link with a how-to form that explains code used for specific features. I plan on introducing more features, particularly of interest to other developers, as I can.

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2019.05.22on geek stuff: Ransomware Hits HomeAn image of a computer ransom message.
Jobs held hostage

2019.05.18on health: This Time Around
Getting Myself Back

2019.05.16on music: Video Game ScoresGoes all the way to 11
Composers are the
"unsung" heroes in your games

on family: Ten Years After Laurel's Cancer Diagnosis10 YEARS CANCER FREE
Ten Years After
Laurel's Cancer Diagnosis
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2019.05.14system maintenance: Expect some outages in the next few days while everything gets set up at a new hosting provider.

2019.05.10system maintenance: Site's been down. A refresh of the application pool got me back online-- but the hosting provider is apparently no longer allowing acccess to setting directory permissions (my SOP is to verify these after an app pool reset). The technician I spoke with called it an "upgrade." I disagree.


this week in halfgk history for 5/19 - 5/25

2018.05.20on books: The Assault on Intelligence

2018.05.19on geek stuff: Virtual Desktops in April 2018 Windows Update

2017.05.24on fitness: Exercise: The Streak Continues

2017.05.22system maintenance: halfgk.com is now secure-capable, and some areas of the site now have code to force a secure connection. Also the mail server connection in the contact form has been corrected.

2017.05.19on music: Initial Thoughts on "Radio Silence" from STYX' Upcoming Album

2015.05.25on gaming: My New Strategy in Halo Reach

system maintenance: My hosting company decided it was time to upgrade the servers to 2012. They apparently also decided not to check to ensure my site came back up after they did it. I was out of commission for two freaking weeks as a result of the change. Not cool, NetSol.

2014.05.19on kids: Bone of Destiny

2013.05.25on kids: Now if only she'd bring home some bacon...

on kids: Now if only she'd bring home some bacon...

2013.05.23on kids: Great Equation

2013.05.22on kids: The Natural Way of Things, Part II

2013.05.21on a hog: Motorcycle Laws by State

on kids: The Natural Way of Things, Part I

2013.05.19on kids: Wasn't Me!

2012.05.25on tech: Facebook IPO: Stock Dives, Losses Mount

on kids: I Just Posted a Pic of My Kid on the Internet

2012.05.24on fitness: Atkins, Week 20

2012.05.23on tech: Foul Play at Facebook?

2012.05.22on cars: Publicly Available Information

2012.05.21on tech: The HTC One X, and the Larger Picture of Apple vs. Android

on cars: New Discovery

on cooking: Brasa's Pork Shoulder Roast with Citrus Mojo and Green Sauce

2010.05.20on cycling: The 2010 Ride of Silence

2009.05.24DAY OF REMEMBRANCE: Americans, please thank our servicemen and veterans this Memorial Day, and pause in gratitude for what our fallen heroes have given us.

2009.05.23on books: "Fan mail": Okay not really.

2008.05.25on gaming: I am awful at GTA IV. In the mission I did today, I was supposed to catch a...

on books: Vice President Gore's book is currently taking a back seat to Forging a Fat...

on tech: Took the plunge and bought an Apple MacBook Pro. Figured it was about time ...

on art: Visited the East Lansing Art Fair last weekend. Check out The Nature Preser...

pictured at left:  Observing the 10th anniversary of Laurel's cancer diagnosis