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Symbols of an open book (open book) link with a how-to form that explains code used for specific features. I plan on introducing more features, particularly of interest to other developers, as I can.

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2019.03.27on tech: Apple AirPodsApple AirPods
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system maintenance: Given: I want the same content to appear under two separate interests topics (like books and tech), but I don't want both appearing in the Latest News. Solution? Some refactoring and a little bit of If-Then mojo. Hopefully it's all taken care of... though I don't think it's quite licked for the RSS feed yet. Might hafta stay tuned on this one.

2010.04.21on books, tech: Presenting The Kindle

on books, tech: Presenting The Kindle

2009.04.26system maintenance: I'm preparing to pitch a presentation on mobile platforms' consumption of standard web applications at work... so I thought I'd practice at least a little of what I'm going to preach. New stylesheet introduced for small browsers which increases the text size and replaces the standard, image-based menu with text... plus a little Easter egg!

2009.04.24system maintenance: Tweaked the search engine to make searches case-insensitive.

2009.04.21on books: Check out my next book

2007.04.23on music: Picked up Frampton's Fingerprints. I heartily recommend. The whole release ...

pictured at left:  BIG TEX at the Texas State Fair. Image Credit: albertoadan/Pixabay