2013.08.07"Is This Heaven?"

Mind: Blown.

Laurel and I had just finished up peeling and cutting up peaches for a cobbler we were preparing for dinner -- we were expecting TWO people -- one from Harley-Davidson and one from MillerCoors -- to stop by to drop off a case of beer and perhaps a tee shirt or a jacket.

That's not exactly how things turned out.

Harley-Davidson and MillerCoors flew Karen Davidson, the great-granddaughter of Harley-Davidson's co-founder William A. Davidson, and Windell Middlebrooks, known to America as "The Miller High Life Delivery Guy", out to Topeka from Los Angeles yesterday morning. Together they, with a film and PR crew, spent the morning filming footage at Topeka Harley-Davidson -- ALL to surprise Laurel and me at our home later in the afternoon.

Laurel and I pose for a photo with Harley-Davidson royalty: Karen Davidson!

Promptly at 4:00 PM, a PARADE of Harley bikes, ridden by our friends in the HOG chapter and from Topeka Harley-Davidson, rumbled down our street... followed by a giant Miller High Life beer truck, laden with a palette of Miller High Life beer.

Here's what happened next:

... and YES, that's THE MILLER HIGH LIFE DELIVERY GUY much for having a couple of people over for dinner.

We later learned that we were the second of two recipients of this honor in the country -- and that we'd likely be the last.

The crew shot video and still images of us for about two hours, and we retold our story a few times against the backdrop of our bike and the lovely jackets we received. The entire event was absolutely incredible, and we feel so fortunate and loved by our new Harley friends and all of the amazing people who brought us this incredible surprise. It was an absolutely fantastic experience and we simply cannot thank everyone enough!!!

Other photos (credit: Ann Marie Bush/The Capital-Journal, and © Topeka Capital-Journal):

Pictured at left is Windell Middlebrooks ("The Miller High Life Delivery Guy"); at center-left is the representative from Harley-Davidson Motor Company who first contacted me about the article. At center-right is Karen Davidson, founder of the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes division and great-granddaughter of Willie Davidson. We lucky winners are at right.

I'm so happy this photo captures a few of our friends from the local Harley community: The two men in black shirts at left and center background are the general manager and owner of Topeka Harley-Davidson. The two men at right are senior members of the OZ HOG.

Sorry, everybody, but I didn't actually get to keep that beer. Made for a great show, though!!

P.S. - I should explain what happened at the start of that third video. You'll notice that we emerged from the house with kiddo, and then had to shuffle her back inside. Miller is extremely sensitive to underage drinking -- so much so that they had to stop the show until kiddo was no longer in any shot. This became very noticeable later on. After "the shoot" at our place, we were invited to visit a local restaurant/bar and hang out while Windell did an appearance. We had neighborhood friends with us who brought their teen kids. Windell would gladly pose for photos with them, but always in such a way that the Miller High Life logo on his shirt was obscured. Crazy smart, IMHO -- the guy can reach out to his younger fan base (he's a regular on a Disney Channel program, I think) and do it in a way that caters to the fans while side-stepping any inappropriate perceptions. Brilliantly handled.

"Topeka Man wins Year Supply of Beer and Motorcycle Gear" (Kansas First News)
"Is this heaven? Biking tale earns beer for a year" (

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