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2017.08.07Study: Depression and Anxiety in Men Linked to High Sugar Diets

A representation of the sugar we consume. Image credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Tonic, a website and digital video channel that covers wellness, science, and health, reported that "men who consume high levels of sugar are more likely to develop depression or anxiety compared to those with low-sugar diets," according to a study published in Nature by researchers at University College London.

Of 7,000 surveyed over 30 years beginning in 1983, men who consumed 67 to 100 grams of added sugar in their diets (268 to 400 tsp (!!)) were 23% more likely to experience anxiety or depression over the next 5 years than men who consumed fewer than 40 grams (160 tsp) of added sugar, suggesting that a high-sugar diet may have long-term effects on mental health.

The same could not be said of the 2,000 female respondents. Researchers were unsure as to why their results differed from the men.

The Tonic article also cited research that asserted the sugar sources of choice for 3 out of 4 Britons are sweet foods and beverages.

Read the full Tonic article here. (Image credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images.) The study was published online in the journal Nature.

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