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Check out my weight loss progress on this chart.

2016.08.07My Indecisive Scale

We want our bathroom scales to be precise. Like how you want your bank balance reported to you. Tell me the exact number, once. If I ask you multiple times within minutes, you should arrive at the same number based on your calculations. Repeatable and solid.

My scale has days where it's more like a person standing before open refrigerator doors, trying to decide what to eat. (Ironic, no?)

This morning, I *think* my weight is 252.8. But I also saw multiple reports of 253.0, and one report as high as 253.5. I saw 252.8 more often than the others, and 252.8 is continues the trajectory I'm on.

I have an appointment with the nutritionist tomorrow afternoon. I'm quite pleased with my progress.

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