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2012.03.13Atkins, Week 10: The Big Two-Oh

I feel fairly comfortable in reporting that I’ve crossed the 20-pound threshold. I’ve been somewhat wildly up and down over the past few days, though I don’t believe I’ve significantly altered my intake. This morning I tipped the scales at 233.6 (Sunday morning I was 234.4, but somehow yesterday morning I was 235.6. If I go by the numbers, I would have somehow dropped two pounds yesterday. I don’t believe that one bit. I think I had some readings that were a little off.) I’m not sure if I’m really 233.6 or not, but I’m confident that I’m under 235.4, which is the 20# mark.

Having said that, I now set my sights on 225.4 — the final original goal. If this morning’s measurement is to be believed, I’ve only eight pounds to go.

Still I’m mindful of the doc’s suggestion to keep going. We’re in for warmer weather through the remainder of the week (today’s supposed to break a record: 81 and sunny!), and I’m digging the Dad Bike. Even if I’m not putting in MILES, just tooling around the neighborhood helps.

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